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Application Procedure

Applications can be received from any school.  A completed application includes:

Application for Admission, including photo and application fee
current English teacher
current math teacher
an administrator or advisor
  • current transcript
PREFERRED: school sends all completed applications together with transcript and recommendation forms.

OR: applicants send applications directly to Swiss Semester.  If this is the case, the case, the applicant should then notify the school and request the transcript and recommendations be sent directly to Swiss Semester when completed.

Application decisions are made on a “rolling basis” starting in early December and will continue until the class is full.  Applications will not be reviewed until they have completed and all parts of the application have been submitted.

Send Applications to:

    until December 5
            Swiss Semester
            Postfach 136
            3920 Zermatt

    after December 5
            Swiss Semester
            Post Office Box 5483
            Hanover, New Hampshire

For Tuition and Fees, Calendar, and Faculty view Supplemental Information Sheet